Friday, February 3, 2012

Chapter 1.. (I don't have a title yet)

Chapter 1:

I was walking along the narrow ally. It was already dark out and I had to get home to help Grandma and put Billy to bed.
Just a few minutes ago I was laughing with my friends as if I didn't have a care in the world. Those were the only times when I truly felt like myself, sitting in some crowded bar with my friends, a guy here, a drink there.
It was only then that I didn't have anything else to worry about other than the time, I could be whoever I wanted and no one would judge me. My friends often say I become a completely different person the minute we walk into a bar or a club.

I had a few drinks so I chose to take the shortcut home, the sooner I get home the better.

As I was walking I heard a car come by so I stuck to the side of the ally hoping to get out of it soon. As I walked on I expected the car to pass by, but it never did. I listened and heard the hum of an engine behind me. Was someone following me? I turned to look and as I did the car stopped and the sound of the engine died out. I noticed the car was pitch black, I could only barely make out the outline.
A young man stepped out of the driver's seat, he had dark hair, blue eyes and a crooked smile.
"What do you want Dick?" I didn't have time for his games.
"Come on Haley, don't be like that.." His name wasn't actually Dick, it was Dixon, but I just didn't have the temper to deal with his type.
"I just wanted to offer you a ride home, a pretty girl like you shouldn't be walking around in a place like this on her own." There he goes again, I knew this town and the people in it like the back of my hand, there was no danger here, this was a quiet town in the middle of nowhere, what could possibly happen?
"I'm fine thanks, and no I don't want to ride in that pile of shit you call a car." I proceeded to walk on, but Dick grabbed my arm as I turned to go.
"How about coming over for a little game at my place?"
"I have to get home to help Grandma, but thanks for the offer, I'll remember to kick you in the nuts first thing Sunday morning." He gave up. I watched him get back in the car and drive off. We  were actually neighbors and I new Dick my whole life, he was 2 years older than me, but he never gave up on trying to get me under his covers. I really don't know why he even bothers.

As I finally reached my house I noticed his black Jag parked in his driveway. I've gotta hand it to him though, he worked at the local bar two years for that car, never once missed a shift.

I went inside and glanced at the grandfather clock Grandma had insisted on keeping, it was already 11:49, Billy should be asleep by now, but I checked on him just in case, I made a mental note to apologize to Grandma for being late.

My parents disappeared 3 years ago when I was 14, no one knows what happened to them. Most the town think they ran away, but I never gave up hope that they would someday be found, and never once did I believe the rumors.
In the meantime Grandma came to stay with us. I have a big brother, Alex, but he couldn't stand to stay at the house knowing that Mom and Dad are gone. He ran off to California when the news came.

/**This is my first time posting anything on the internet. I don't have a name or an outline for the story yet but I hope you guys will like it. It will be continues until it's done. Please comment and tell me what you think. If you'd like to contact me you can sent me a message to the following address:
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